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custom duplication service 

   Do you have damaged balusters?


  Imperial can duplicate them with historic accuracy


  We accept orders for small quantities

















 Step 1) Print the 3 Page PDF General Fill in Form

 Baluster Details

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 Step 2) Photos & Architectural Drawings of the Existing Baluster

 Overall Position


 Provide us with a photos or architectural scaled drawings of your application area

 This will ensure that we understand where the baluster is to be situated in reference to other parts of the building

 or stairs.


 Overall Details


  Provide us with photos or architectural scaled drawings of your required baluster 

  We need:

  The total height including all the parts of the baluster





  custom duplication service


  Square Top:    Width & Depth of the Square Top

                              Height of the Square Top Flat area


  Radius of Round Parts of the Baluster

  Take Circular Dimensions with a piece of string and provide the circumference

  Provide the heights of each part


 or Supply the damaged Baluster for exact duplication




 For Exact Reproductions: The Design Process


 CAD Drawings


  a) If you are a qualified architect or designer

      - supply us with CAD drawings - plan views / cross sections / elevations

      - For specific details in the Column

        Supply us with a separate detail drawing that shows depths, widths and heights of the detail. 

        Manufacturing cannot interpret an artistic rendering as a specific detail showing 3 dimensions.

        Indicate how deep, wide and high each detail is to be.

        If no drawing is available,  Manufacturing will assess the detail to the best of their ability as they are hand carved.

        simple sketches, photos, or renderings are not architectural drawings


  b) If you cannot supply CAD drawings 

      - Plan views / cross sections / elevations / specific details in 3D  must be made in order to create a quotation

      - There is a charge for design service, inquire for fee schedules

      Imperial's Custom Department offers the design services of Martin Richards Design and Contracting Inc.




 Step 3) How Many Balusters do you Need

 Number of Columns

 & Application


 1) Are all the balusters Whole


 2) Are they Split to cover a Support Rod

      If so what is the size of the support Rod - send a photo

     Always check with a structural engineer or qualified professional for load questions.  


 3) Are they Split for Pilaster Application - up against the wall




 Step 4) Material and Application

 What Material is Required


  Is this Column for  Interior or Exterior Use 



  Hardwood: can be made to exact details

  Select Western Red Cedar for Exterior Applications


  Composites from Molds: 

  This is a more expensive solution, however the more columns ordered the less each one will be  


   Unfinished Interior Use: 

             NeoPlaster-GRG,  StoneMoldTM, ArchPolymerTM

   Finished Interior Use: 



    Unfinished Exterior Use: 

            ZeamentTM,  ArchPolymerTM

   Finished Exterior Use: 




 Step 5) Send us your Information:

 Send to


  Once Complete send us an email to


  Make sure you fill in page 3 for Company,  name, address, land-line phone, fax, email

  Delivery to: Job site address: physical street etc




 Step 6) Our Quote to You



  A quote will  be generated with General Drawings


  You will NOT receive full detailed shop drawings until the order is fully paid for 


  Do not expect custom items to be similar in cost to those of stock goods


   If you choose to take a stock item and modify it for your application, it will not be the same as a custom historic reproduction

  Any stocked modified products cannot be returned




 Step 7) Acceptance of the Quote

 Submit Payment


  For Custom Orders Full payment is required

  1)  Pay by Credit Card when processed in person at our Showroom in Toronto

  2)  Money Orders

  3)  Company Checks

  4)  Money Wire Transfers

  We do not accept Cash


 Review our Terms


  click for=>    Imperial Sales Policy


  All custom orders cannot be cancelled for any reason




  Once Accepted, Timing starts from the time you sign the shop drawings not the Quote Date




  Once you accept the quote and sign off on the shop drawings, the custom baluster(s) will be made to the closest

  measurements that manufacturing allows (providing for manufacturing tolerances)


  The baluster(s) will be made to the specifications of the shop drawing


  The application of the baluster to the job site  is the responsibility of the architect, designer, structural engineer, or contractor.

  Balusters will require assembly to the top and bottom rails.  No affixing hardware is supplied.


  Any custom products made for you cannot be returned




  How to Order Products 

      payment by MC/Visa with signed merchant sales draft

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  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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